Quickly Customize Toolbars

You can customize toolbars without using the Customize dialog box. If you want to hide or display buttons that appear on a toolbar by default, click the Toolbar Options button, point to Add Or Remove Buttons, and then point to the name of the toolbar you want to customize. A list of all the buttons associated with the toolbar appears (see Figure 26-2).


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Figure 26-2. Click Toolbar Options on a toolbar to add or remove buttons on that toolbar. The commands on the shortcut menu have the following characteristics:

• Commands that are preceded by a check mark are currently shown in the toolbar.

• Commands that do not have a check mark are hidden.

• Commands that are dimmed are not on the toolbar by default.

Clicking a command in the list toggles the command between hidden and visible. If you add a button to a toolbar, you can remove it only by using the Customize dialog box.

To rearrange the buttons on a toolbar, follow these steps:

1 Display the toolbar you want to customize by clicking View, Toolbars and then clicking the toolbar's name.

2 Click Tools, Customize, Toolbars.

The Customize dialog box appears. You only need to open the dialog box; it doesn't matter which tab is showing.

3 On the toolbar, drag the button you want to move until the I-beam is in the location you want and then release the mouse button.

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