Protecting Your Project Files with a Password

If you are not using Project Server as a central location for your company's project files, saving your project files to a public network folder is one way to have centralized project files. This enables your company to back up critical files more regularly and reliably. It also provides a convenient location for your co-workers to collaborate on projects. However, it can also allow unauthorized individuals access to files with sensitive or confidential information. Perhaps your project is in its initial phase and you aren't ready to share it with the rest of the company. Or maybe a project has information that should be seen only by a small group of people in your organization. If this is the case, consider assigning a password to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive project files.

Note You cannot protect a project file with a password if it is stored on Project Server or if you are running Project Professional in online mode.

There are two types of passwords: Protection and Write Reservation. To assign a password to a project, do the following:

1 Click File, Save As.

2 In the Save As dialog box, click Tools and then click General Options.

3 In the Save Options dialog box, enter the password in either the Protection Password or Write Reservation Password text box.

With a protection password, users can open the project file only if they know the password.

With a write-reservation password, users can view the project file, but they cannot change it.

4 Click OK.

5 In the Confirm Password dialog box, type the password again. Click OK.

Tip The Read-Only Recommended option

If you want to remind users to open the project as Read-Only without locking out users who might have forgotten the password, consider the Read-Only Recommended check box. If you select this check box, the next time a user goes to open this file, a message suggests that the user open the file as read-only unless they need to save changes to the file. It then provides the option of opening the file as Read-Only or not.

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