Protecting Baseline Information

If you're using Microsoft Office Project Professional 2003 with Microsoft Office Project Server 2003 and the enterprise project management features, your project server administrator grants or denies the ability to save baselines in enterprise projects. Only those who have the Save Baseline permission set by the administrator can save or potentially overwrite a baseline in your project. This baseline protection feature, new in Project 2003, is used by organizations who want to lock down baseline information and ensure it's never changed through the life of the project without the proper stakeholder approvals.

For example, the project manager builds the project and obtains buy-off from all managing stakeholders. When that buy-off is achieved, the project server administrator might check out the project and save the baseline. Or the administrator might temporarily grant the project manager permission to save the baseline. After it's saved, the administrator removes that permission. Either way, the baseline is saved and cannot be edited or changed. Additional baselines cannot be saved either.

For more information about project server administrator responsibilities, see "Chapter 21, "Administering Project Server and Project Web Access for Your Enterprise."

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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