Protecting Actuals

Through the team-collaboration features provided by Project Server, the integrity of actuals submitted by team members can be protected. This can be crucial if those actuals are directly submitted to your organization's general ledger system to produce customer invoices.

Your project server administrator first sets up the Project Web Access progress method to track hours of work per day or per week. Then the administrator sets the open reporting time period. Team members can enter actuals only during the open reporting period, not long after the period is past.

Furthermore, options can be set so that if the project manager or another user changes actual hours that have been submitted and incorporated into the project plan, those changes can be audited against what was originally submitted by the team member.

You can compare the protected actuals submitted by the team member by adding the Actual Work Protected and Actuals Overtime Work Protected fields to a task sheet. You can also return actuals edited in the project plan back to their value as submitted and stored on Project Server. Click Tools, Tracking, Sync To Protected Actuals.

For more information about setting up team member timesheets for progress tracking in Project Web Access, see "Setting Up Team Member Timesheets" on page 629.

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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