Protect project baselines

As project server administrator, you might be called upon to intervene in projects when baselines are involved.

In many organizations, baseline information is the basis for proposals, contracts, and payment. Variances might be tracked in minute detail. Earned value calculations, which rely on baseline information, might be crucial to measuring project success. In any of these cases, the project is carefully planned and built, and then the details are approved by all the managing stakeholders. At that point, the baseline can be saved and should never be altered.


By default, project managers are allowed to save and edit baselines using the Save Baseline global permission. However, to protect the integrity of the baseline information, allowing no subsequent edits, your organization might ask you to deny project managers the Save Baseline permission.

Some organizations might choose to prevent project managers from saving baselines at all. When a baseline needs to be saved, you might be instructed to check the project out, save the baseline, and then check the project back in again.

Other organizations might prefer to have the project manager save the baseline, but then instruct you to change the project manager's user profile to deny Save Baseline permission thereafter.

For more information about working with baselines, see "Saving Original Plan Information Using a Baseline" on page 298.

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