Proposing Tentative Resources

As soon as you add enterprise resources to your project team and assign tasks to those resources, their availability information changes in the enterprise resource pool. This availability update ensures that a single resource is not inadvertently booked full-time to two or three different projects, for example. ®

However, sometimes you need to build a project and its team as a proposal or estimate. You g might want to show actual resources in the project, to demonstrate the skill level as well as calculate real costs. However, if the project is just an estimate or model, you probably wouldn't want to tie up the resource's availability in case the project does not actually happen.

In another scenario, you might be working with an approved project and want to run a what-if analysis on the impact of adding certain resources to the project.

For either of these cases, you can soft-book resources on your project by adding them as proposed, rather than committed resources on your team.

Note The booking type, proposed or committed, applies to the resource as a whole on your project. The booking type does not apply to individual assignments within the project.

By default, all resources are booked as committed. To specify that a resource you're adding is to be booked as a proposed resource on your project team, do the following:

1 In the Build Team dialog box, apply any filters or groups you might need to find the resources you want.

2 In the Filtered Enterprise Resources table, click the name of the resource you want to add as a proposed resource.

3 Click Add.

4 In the Project Team Resources table, in the Booking field for the resource, change Committed to Proposed.

That resource is now considered soft-booked. As you work through your project, you can choose to consider resources' booking types when assigning tasks to resources in your project and when leveling assignments to resolve overallocations.

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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