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The following is a list of project management-related terms:

Baseline. A snapshot of key project information for tasks, such as their start dates, finish dates, durations, and costs. With baseline information, you have a means of comparison against actual progress on tasks.

Date Constraint. A specific date associated with a specific task. A date constraint dictates that a task must be finished by a certain date, for example, or started no earlier than a certain date.

Deliverable. A tangible outcome, result, or item that must be produced to mark the completion of a project or a project phase. Often, the deliverable is subject to approval by the project sponsor or customer.

Dependency. The reliance of one task upon another. When one task cannot start or finish until a related task starts or finishes, the tasks are dependent upon one another, or related. Also referred to as a task link or task relationship.

Gantt Chart. A graphic representation of a project. The left half of a Gantt chart is a table listing task names and other task-related information. The right half of the Gantt chart is a bar chart along a timeline in which each bar represents a task, its start and finish date, and its duration. Links to other tasks can also be represented.

Milestone. A significant event in the project, often the completion of a major deliverable or phase. Milestones are represented as part of a project's task list.

Network Diagram. A graphic representation of a project, characterized by nodes representing tasks and link lines showing the relationship among the tasks. Also sometimes called a PERT (Program Evaluation and Review Technique) chart.

Phase. A grouping of tasks that represents a major stage in the life cycle of the project. The outcome of a phase is typically a major deliverable.

Scope. The specific work that needs to be done in a project to deliver the product or service.

Stakeholders. Individuals or organizations who have a vested interest in the outcome of the project and who can influence those project outcomes. Stakeholders include the project manager, members of the project team, the sponsoring organization, and customers.

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