Project Management Practices The Right Resources for Critical Tasks

Having overallocated resources assigned to critical tasks can push out your finish date. If you level overallocated resources, their assignments are rescheduled to times when they can perform them. Even if you do not level overallocated resources, and even if your sched ule shows that there's no slip, this doesn't mean it will not happen. An overallocated resource has to let something slip. By leveling, you can see realistically when tasks can be done and make the necessary adjustments to make sure critical tasks are not late.

As much as possible, shift assignments to evenly distribute the resource workload and to ensure that resources working on critical tasks are not overallocated.

For more information about leveling, see "Leveling Assignments," later in this chapter on page 285.

If you have an overallocated resource assigned to critical tasks and an underallocated resource with the right skills and availability, you can switch to or add the underallocated resources to the critical tasks to shorten their durations.

Also, check that the fastest and more experienced resources are assigned to the longer or more difficult critical tasks. Although adjusting assignments might or might not actually reduce the duration, it significantly reduces the risk of critical tasks needing rework or being otherwise delayed.

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