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As you complete each major milestone or phase, you've probably been getting formal acceptance of that phase by the sponsor or customer. The sponsor reviews the deliverables and checks that the scope and quality of work are completed satisfactorily and then signs off his or her acceptance of that phase.

When you reach the end of the project, you get your final acceptance and signoff, which at this point should be a formality because the sponsor has been involved and signing off on the interim deliverables all along.

This final project acceptance is part of the administrative closure of the project. Administrative closure also includes analyzing project success and effectiveness, and archiving documents and results. At this point, contracts are closed and budget records are archived. Employees should be evaluated and their skills in your organization's resource pool should be updated to reflect the increase in skills and proficiencies they've gained as a result of working on this project.

A complete set of project records should make up the project archives, and these archives should be readily available for reference for future similar projects.

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If the project plan is your repository for project-related documents, add your lessons learned report to the closed project. You can embed the document in the plan, create a link to the document, or add it to the document library through Microsoft Office Project Web Access 2003 and Project Server 2003.

For more information about adding a document to a project, see "Attaching Project Documentation" on page 73. For information about using the document library, see "Controlling Project Documents" on page 691.

In addition to archiving the document with the rest of the project historical records, include it with your planning materials for the next project. Be sure to keep your solutions in the forefront so you can continue to improve your project management processes.

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