Printing or Exporting a Table

In Project Web Access 2003, you can now print the table on the following pages:








You can also use this function to export the contents of the table to a Microsoft Office Excel 2003 workbook. To print or export a Project Web Access table, follow these steps:

1 Display the view containing the table you want to print.

2 Below the table, click Print Grid on the left or Export Grid To Excel on the right. The grid setup page appears (see Figure 24-6).

Figure 24-6. Set up the columns you want printed or exported.

Figure 24-6. Set up the columns you want printed or exported.

3 Select field names in the Available Columns box and use the Up and Down buttons to rearrange the order of the columns as it will be printed or exported.

4 If you want to exclude any fields from the print or export operation, click its name in the Available Columns box and then click the Remove button.

This removes the column only for the print or export operation. The field is still present in the view itself.

A preview of the printed report or exported workbook appears in the lower half of the view.

5 Click Print Grid to send the report to the printer. Click Export To Excel to send the report to an Excel workbook.

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