Partitioning Your Database on Separate Servers

Server scalability and performance are improved in Project Server 2003, through database partitioning. You can partition the Project Server 2003 database across two or three servers, either during Project Server Setup or later using database scripts provided on the Project Server CD. Partitioning the Project Server database uses the linked server capabilities of Microsoft SQL Server 2000.

During setup, the Views database tables can go on one server while the Project database and services can go on one or two other servers. The improved distribution increases the number of users that the database can accommodate by dividing the workload of the Project Server application across a greater number of servers.

Three distinct sets of Project Server database tables are available to be configured as a partition using the linked server capabilities. Each set of tables has a specific role in the Project

Server database:

MSP_. Tables that begin with MSP_ are the core data tables for most types of project data.

MSP_WEB_. Tables that begin with MSP_WEB_ are the core data tables for all types of Project Server data, including Project Server security, administrative settings, data links between Project Server and Windows SharePoint Services, and more.

MSP_VIEW_. Tables that begin with MSP_VIEW_ store project data that has been published to the Project Server database from Project Professional. This is the information $ that is used in Portfolio Analyzer and in Project Center views. ®

When you partition the database, you have three options: o

Implement a 2-way partition during Project Server Setup. You can partition the database during setup. One server will get the MSP_ and MSP_WEB_ database tables; the other will get the MSP_VIEW_ database tables.

Implement a 2-way partition after Project Server Setup. You can run a 2-way partition after setup. One server will get the MSP_ database tables plus either the MSP_WEB_ or MSP_VIEW_ database tables. The other server will get the MSP_WEB_ or MSP_VIEW_ database tables (whichever set of tables wasn't included with the MSP_ tables).

Implement a 3-way partition after Project Server Setup. You can run a 3-way partition after setup. The MSP_, MSP_WEB_, and MSP_VIEW_ database tables will each be placed on their own server.

Caution Deciding to partition the Project Server database calls for careful planning and foresight. After you partition the Project Server database and begin publishing projects to the Project Server database, you're committed. Although not impossible, it's very difficult to undo the partition and restore the Project Server database on a single SQL Server 2000 server. In addition, extra steps might be required for your organization's disaster-recovery plan.

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