Page Setup Options

The following list describes the options available on the six tabs of the Page Setup dialog box, which controls how your view looks when printed. To display this dialog box, click File, Page Setup:

Page tab. Specifies whether the view should be printed in portrait or landscape orientation and whether the view should be scaled up or down to fit on a page. Margins tab. Specifies the size of each of the four margins and whether a border should be printed around the page.

Print Preview

Insert File Name

Insert Current Date

Header tab. Specifies the content and location of header information. You can add the page number, current date and time, or the filename. You can also add a picture (such as a company or project logo) as part of your left, center, or right header. For example, next to Alignment, click the Center tab and then click Insert File Name to display the project filename in the center top of every page. You can also specify that a project field should be part of the header. You can enter your own text as well. Simply click the Left, Center, or Right tab and then click the text box and type the text you want.

Footer tab. Specifies the content and location of footer information. The same information available for headers is available for footers. For example, click the Left tab in the Alignment area and then click Insert Current Date to display the date in the lower-left corner of every page. The Preview box shows what your footer will look like.

Legend tab. Specifies the content and location of a view's legend, which specifies what symbols or bars on the view represent. For example, when printing the Gantt Chart, the legend includes a key for the task bars, summary bars, deadlines, and milestone symbols. By default, the legend appears on the bottom two inches of every page and includes the project's title and the current date. The same information available for headers and footers is available for legends. You can also enter your own information.

View tab. Specifies which elements you want printed on each page, for example, notes, blank pages, sheet columns, and so on.

Note Divided views, such as Task Usage, have a table on the left and the timephased information sheet on the right. Such divided views are not split screens, so you can print both sides of these views.

Insert Current Time

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