Opening Multiple Project Files as a

If you always open the same set of project files, you can put those files together in a project workspace. Without creating a master project or consolidating the files into a single project file, you can simply associate the projects together. When you open the workspace file, all projects that are a part of that workspace open at once. To save a project workspace, follow these steps:

1 Open all project files you want to be a part of the workspace.

2 Close any project files you do not want to save in the workspace.

3 Click File, Save Workspace.

The Save Workspace As dialog box appears (see Figure 14-13).

Figure 14-13. Use the Save Workspace As dialog box to group project files that should always be opened at the same time.

4 Select the drive and folder in which you want to save the workspace file and then enter the name for the workspace in the File Name box.

5 Click the Save button. Workspace files are saved with the .mpw extension.

Tip Open multiple projects using Project Web Access

If you're set up for enterprise project management using Project Professional and Project Server, you can use Microsoft Office Project Web Access 2003 to group projects the way you need. For example, in the Project Center, you can select several projects and then click Open Into Project.

For more information about working with multiple projects in Project Web Access 2003, see "Opening Multiple Projects in Project Professional" on page 745.

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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