Navigating to a Specific Location in a View

With a long list of tasks, dozens of resources, and dates spanning months or even years, the different views in your project plan probably cover a lot of space. When you're trying to get to a specific place in a view, you can always scroll vertically or horizontally. But there are shortcuts, as follows:

Ctrl+Home. Moves to the first row in a sheet. Ctrl+End. Moves to the last row in a sheet.

Alt+Home. Moves to the beginning of the project timescale (Gantt Chart, Resource Graph, usage view).

Alt+End. Moves to the end of the project timescale (Gantt Chart, Resource Graph, usage view).

dGo To Selected Task button, or Ctrl+Shift+F5. Moves the timescale portion of a view

(Gantt Chart or usage view) to the location of the task or assignment selected in the sheet portion of the view.

F5, "Today". Moves the chart portion of a timescaled view (Gantt Chart, usage view, or Resource Graph) to the location of today's date. You can either click today's date in the Date box, or type the word "Today" in the box.


Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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