Monitoring Project Issues

Issues tracking is integral to project management and team communication because most issues either arise from task activity or will affect task activity. By tracking issues related to a project, you can improve communication on project-related issues and ensure that problems are handled before they become crises.

With the issue tracker, team members can enter issues, assign ownership, track progress, record resolutions, and create related reports. The issues are stored on Project Server and are accessible through Project Web Access.

Depending on permissions, you and your team members can create an issue, set its priority, and assign responsibility. The issue page includes a due date, discussion of the issue, and date of resolution. Issues can be associated with affected tasks, documents in the document library, or other related issues.


To work with the Project Web Access issues-tracking features from Project Professional, follow these steps:

1 Make sure that Project Professional is connected to the project server and that your project is checked out and displayed.

2 Click Collaborate, Issues. Or, on the Collaboration toolbar, click Issues.

The Issues page appears (see Figure 22-40).


Figure 22-40. Track and manage project issues from within Project Professional.

To work with the issues-tracking features in Project Web Access, follow these steps:

1 In your Web browser, log on to Project Web Access.

2 In the blue navigation bar, click Issues.

The View And Submit Issues In All Projects appears.

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