Modifying the Resource Graph

The Resource Graph presents resource allocation, cost, or work over periods of time. The t!

horizontal axis represents time; whereas the vertical axis represents units such as availability, cost, or work. You can choose the fields that you want to appear in the graph. You can also o modify the appearance of bars and text of particular types and change the gridlines in the graph. However, you cannot modify the appearance of individual bars or text.

Modifying the Appearance of Resource Graph Bars

The Bar Styles dialog box for the Resource Graph contains four areas, each of which controls the appearance of bars for different sets of information. For example, if you graph overallo-cations, the two top areas display overallocations, whereas the bottom areas display allocations less than or equal to the maximum available units. The areas on the left side of the dialog box control the way group data appear. The areas on the right side of the dialog box control the appearance of data for one selected resource.

Follow these steps to modify the appearance of Resource Graph bars of a particular type:

1 Click View, Resource Graph.

2 Click Format, Bar Styles.

Because the bars in the Resource Graph represent information that you don't see in the Gantt chart, the Bar Styles dialog box for the Resource Graph contains different settings than the Bar Styles dialog box for Gantt charts (see Figure 25-7).

Figure 25-7. You can choose which field to display in the Resource Graph for individual resources and groups of resources.


3 In the Bar Styles dialog box, choose the types of data you want to show, for example, allocated resources or proposed bookings.

For any information you do show, specify the color and pattern for its representative bars.

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