Modifying Button Images

You can modify the image of a button on a toolbar. For example, if you created several Print buttons, each of which prints to a different printer, you can modify a button's image to indicate which printer it uses. You can move the image around within the boundaries of the button or change the colors of the cells that make up the image.

Do the following to modify a button image:

1 Right-click a toolbar and then click Customize. The Customize dialog box appears.

2 Right-click the button you want to edit and then click Edit Button Image. The Button Editor dialog box appears (see Figure 26-5).

3 To modify the image, click a color in the Colors area. If you want to erase colored boxes in the image, click the Erase box.

4 In the Picture area, click individual cells or drag the mouse pointer over cells to change their color.

As you change the image, you can see what the image looks like in the Preview area.

5 To move the image within the Picture area, click a directional arrow in the Move area.

If the image fills the Picture area in one or more directions, the directional arrows might be dimmed.

Figure 26-5. You can modify the image that appears on a toolbar button.

Figure 26-5. You can modify the image that appears on a toolbar button.

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