Modifying an Existing Report

You can directly edit the definition properties of a built-in report. The elements available for editing vary by report. In some reports, all you can change is the font. In other reports, you can change the reporting period, filter for specific types of information, specify that information be drawn from a specific table, and more.

When you change an existing report, your changes are saved only with the project file. If you open the same report in any other project file, the original default report properties will still be present there.

To edit a report, follow these steps:

1 Click View, Reports.

2 In the Reports dialog box, double-click the report category you want.

3 Click the report you want and then click Edit.

One of four possible dialog boxes appears, showing the options available for this report: Task Report, Resource Report, Crosstab Report, or Report Text (see Figure 12-37).

Figure 12-37. You can edit different types of information depending on the report you choose.


Figure 12-37. You can edit different types of information depending on the report you choose.

4 Make the changes you want to the report content or format.

If available, use the Definition tab to set the fields, time periods, and filters to be used. Use the Details tab to specify additional information you want to add to the report. Use the Sort tab to specify which field should dictate the order of information in the report.

5 Make any changes you want to the report fonts by clicking the Text button.

6 When finished editing the report, click OK in the report definition dialog box.

7 Select the edited report if necessary and then click Preview to generate the report and see what it now looks like.

8 If you want to make further changes, click the Close button in the Preview window and then click Edit again to reopen the report definition dialog box.

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