Modifying a Resource Calendar

You can change an individual resource's calendar to reflect a different work schedule from others on the project team. For example, most everyone on your team might work Monday through Friday, 8:00 A.M. until 5:00 P.M. But suppose one team member works just three days a week, and another team member works weekend nights. You can change their resource calendars to fit their actual work schedules. This way, their assigned tasks will be scheduled only when they're actually available to work on them.

You can also update resource calendars to reflect vacation time, personal time off, sabbaticals, and so on. Updating the resource calendars helps keep your schedule accurate. To modify a resource's working time calendar:

1 Display the Resource Sheet or other resource view.

2 Double-click the resource whose working time calendar you want to modify. The Resource Information dialog box appears.

3 Click the Working Time tab.

4 To change the working time of a single day, click that day.

5 If you're changing working time to nonworking time, select the Nonworking Time option.

If you're changing the working time to something other than the default, select the Nondefault Working Time option. Then, change the times in the From and To boxes as needed.

To change the working time of a particular day of each week, click the day heading. For example, click the M heading to select all Mondays. Select the Nonworking Time or Nondefault Working Time option and then change the times in the From and To boxes as needed.

6 To change the working time of a day in another month, scroll down in the Select Dates box until you see the correct month. As before, select the Nonworking Time or Non-default Working Time option and then change the working times as needed.

7 When finished, click OK.

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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