Modifying a Group

If one of the existing groups doesn't meet your needs, you can modify it. If you want to keep the original group definition intact, you can instead copy an existing group and then modify it to create a completely new group. Do the following to customize a group:

1 Click Project, Group by, More Groups.

2 In the More Groups dialog box, click either the Task or Resource option to display the task or resource groups.

3 Click the group you want to modify in the list, and then click Edit or Copy. The Group Definition dialog box appears (see Figure 25-18).

Tip Display summary rows differently from nonsummary rows

By default, summary rows and the project summary row both inherit the same conditions that you specify for nonsummary rows. If you want to use different conditions for summary rows, select the Summary Rows option and then clear the Summary Rows Inherit Criteria From Non-summary Rows check box. Define the tests and indicators for summary rows as you would for nonsummary rows. To specify different conditions for the project summary row, select the Project Summary option and then clear the Project Summary Inherits Criteria From Summary Rows check box. Define the tests and indicators for the project summary row.


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Figure 25-18. Group tasks, resources, or assignments by one or more fields.

4 If necessary, change the name of the group in the Name box.

5 Click the first empty cell in the Field Name column, click the down arrow, and then click the name of the field by which you want to group.

The category for the field (Task, Resource, or Assignment) appears in the Field Type cell.

6 If necessary, change the grouping order.

For example, you might want to use descending order to locate the resources with the most availability more easily.

7 To group assignments instead of tasks or resources, select the Group Assignments, Not Tasks check box for a task group or Group Assignments, Not Resources check box for a resource group.

8 To change the font, click Font. In the Font dialog box, choose a font, font style, font size, and color.

9 To change the background color, click a color in the Cell Background box.

10 To change the pattern for the group headings, click a pattern in the Pattern box.

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