Microsoft Office Project Server Setup Issues

If you want to store projects in a database, use Microsoft Office Project Web Access, or take advantage of enterprise project management and resource management features, you need to install Project Server and configure it for your organization. To properly install Project Server, you should have a solid working knowledge of Microsoft SQL Server 2000 and know how to configure your computer as an administrator. In addition, your organization should commit resources to planning your enterprise project implementation in order to ensure that you get the maximum benefit from your Project Server deployment.

Project Server provides timesheet, reporting, collaboration, and analysis tools and stores this information in a database that includes global settings for Project Web Access and Project. Project Server is protected by a security layer that restricts access to only those authorized to send and receive data from the database. Most users connect to Project Server either directly through Project Professional 2003 or by using Project Web Access.

The following applications are used along with Project Server:

Project Web Access. This application is required for online workgroup project collaboration. Project Web Access provides a Web interface to information stored in Project Server. Users log onto Project Web Access with a user name and password stored in Project Server. Team members can work with their individual assigned task information and view overall project information. Resource managers and team leads can maintain resource information and delegate tasks. Managing stakeholders can view overall project information. Administrators can set up and modify Project Server user accounts and settings.

Note For more information about using Project Web Access, see Chapter 21, "Managing Your Team Using Project Web Access."

Windows SharePoint Services. This application enables the document library, risks-tracking, and issues-tracking features of Project Web Access and Project Professional. Documents, risks, and issues can be accessed from the Documents, Risks, and Issues pages in Project Web Access or from the Collaborate menu in Project Professional. This information is stored in a different database from Project Server and can be managed from within the Admin area of Project Web Access.

Microsoft SQL Server 2000. This is the database application required for use with the

Project Server database. All the database tables and stored procedures used by Project Server are stored here. Some users of Project data need permission to create, update, or modify data stored in a database stored in Microsoft SQL Server 2000. For more information about the contents of the database, see Pjsvrdb.htm and Pjdb.htm, located on the Microsoft Office Project Server 2003 installation CD.

Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services. This application must be installed in order to use the enterprise Portfolio Analyzer features of Project Professional and Project Web Access. Microsoft SQL Analysis Services must have the same Service Pack updates as those installed for Microsoft SQL Server 2000.

Microsoft Office Web Components (OWC). This application is required to use the work with views and information in views of Project Web Access.

Project Professional 2003. This is the client application interface for Project Server. Users with appropriate permissions can check out, modify, and save the Enterprise Global Template and Enterprise Resource Pool; publish project plans to Project Server; and perform other related enterprise project and resource management tasks.

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