Match the Columns

Copying and pasting information is one of the easiest ways to get information from Excel to Microsoft Project. However, to paste successfully, the columns of Excel information must match the Microsoft Project columns into which you're pasting.

For example, suppose that your Excel worksheet contains four columns you want to copy to your project plan: Task Name, Resource, Duration, and Fixed Cost. Add, remove, and rearrange columns in a Microsoft Project task table so that these four columns appear next to each other (see Figure 17-1).

Source Excel data to be copied

Target Microsoft Project columns matching the incoming Excel data

Source Excel data to be copied

Target Microsoft Project columns matching the incoming Excel data

Match The Columns
Figure 17-1. Make sure that the order and type of Microsoft Project columns match the Excel data being copied and pasted.

The following is a list of techniques you can use to arrange your Microsoft Project view to match the incoming Excel data:

• Apply a different table to a Microsoft Project sheet view. Click View, Table and then click the table you want.

• Add a column to a Microsoft Project table. Click in the column to the right of where you want the new column to appear. Click Insert, Column. In the Field Name box, click the field you want to add and then click OK.

• Remove a column from a table. Click the column heading and then click the Delete key.

• Move a column to a different location. Click the heading to select the entire column. Drag the left or right edge of the column body (not the heading) to the location you want.

A vertical gray marker appears to show where the column will be moved.

Copy a


To copy and paste Excel worksheet cells into Microsoft Project, do the following:

Arrange the source Excel columns to match the target Microsoft Project field order and data type. Or, arrange the target columns in Microsoft Project to match the incoming Excel data.

In Microsoft Excel, select the set of cells to be copied. On the Standard toolbar, click Copy.

In Microsoft Project, select the anchor cell in the table where you want the incoming information to begin to be pasted.

This anchor cell will become the location of the upper-left cell of data selected in Excel. On the Standard toolbar, click Paste.

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