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You can create a link from Microsoft Project information in another application using the Copy and Paste Special commands. Follow this procedure:

1 In Microsoft Project, display the view that contains the information you want to copy and link to another application.

If it's text-based information—such as tasks, resources, or assignment fields—select the information. If it's graphical information—such as a Gantt Chart, Resource Graph, or Network Diagram—arrange the view to contain the information you want represented in the other application.

2 Click Edit, Copy or Copy Task.

3 Open the target application; for example, Microsoft Word. Place the cursor where you want the information to be inserted.

4 In the target application, click Edit, Paste Special.

5 In the Paste Special dialog box, select the Paste Link option (see Figure 16-15).

Figure 16-15. Use the Paste Special dialog box to create a link from Microsoft Project.

6 Review the choices available in the As box. Click each one to read its description in the Result box and then select the one that meets your needs.

The choices vary depending on the type of information that was copied in Microsoft Project. One of the choices is always Microsoft Project Document Object, which creates an embedded object that's linked.

7 Click OK.

The linked information appears in the target application. When changes are made to the information in Microsoft Project, those changes are reflected in the target application.

For information about linking information from Microsoft Project to Excel, see "Linking Between Microsoft Project and Excel" on page 516.

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