Linking from Another Application to Microsoft Project

The data connection of a linked object can be made using another application as the source and Microsoft Project as the target, which can be a handy way to show currently updated information from a different origin. Linked graphical information can be pasted only in select locations in Microsoft Project; for example, the Gantt Chart, Notes areas, and the Task and Resource Forms. Linked textual information can also be pasted into the table cell.

To link data from another application, follow these steps:

1 In the source application, select the information to be linked in Microsoft Project, and click Edit Copy.

2 In Microsoft Project, display the view and select the location to contain the linked information.

3 Click Edit, Paste Special.

4 In the Paste Special dialog box, click the Paste Link option.

The As box changes to present the options for linking the copied information into Microsoft Project.

5 Review the choices available in the As box. Click each one to read its description in the Result box and then select the one that meets your needs.

6 Click OK.

The linked information appears at your selection point in your project. When changes are made to the information in the source application, those changes can be reflected in this project file.

By default, whenever you open the project file containing the link, a message appears, asking whether you want to re-establish the link between the files (see Figure 16-16). Clicking Yes reestablishes the link and updates any changed information.

Figure 16-16. Each time you open a linked project, you are prompted to re-establish the link.

If you do not want to see this alert each time you open the project, click Tools, Options and then click the View tab. Clear the Show OLE Links Indicators check box.

To review and work with links in your project, follow these steps:

1 Click Edit, Links.

The Links dialog box appears, showing all links existing in your project file (see Figure 16-17).

Figure 16-17. Review the status of links in your project file.

Figure 16-17. Review the status of links in your project file.

2 If you chose not to update a link when opening the project file or if you're not prompted, you can select a link and click Update Now.

3 If the linked document location has changed, you can update the information in the project by clicking Change Source.

4 To break the link with the source application, click Break Link.

For information about linking information from Excel to Microsoft Project, see "Linking Between Microsoft Project and Excel" on page 516.

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