Linking Between Microsoft Project and Excel

You can take the use of embedded objects one step further—by linking them to their source. With a dynamic link between source and target, your embedded object can be updated whenever the source changes. The source and target information are essentially the same file, rather than just a separate copy, which is the case when they are not linked.

o p Creating a link between embedded objects is as easy as selecting a check box when you're

® embedding the object, whether it's a fragment you're inserting using the Paste Special dialog tt box or an entire file you're embedding using the Insert Object dialog box.

Be aware that when you link information between Microsoft Project and Excel, you always need to know the current location of the linked file and its update status. If the linked file is moved, the link is broken. If the information in the linked file becomes obsolete, the linked information also becomes out-of-date. However, when the conditions are right, linking is an excellent means of maintaining comprehensive and current information.

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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