Leveling Assignments

The previous sections described how you can delay and split tasks to balance or level resource assignments. Microsoft Project can balance the workload for you with the leveling feature, which adds delay and splits in your project plan according to specifications that you set.

You can have Microsoft Project level assignments whenever you give the command. You also have the option to keep the leveling feature on all the time. If you leave leveling on all the time, whenever you change the schedule in some way, Microsoft Project levels assignments at that time.

Note that leveling does not reassign tasks or units. It does not change work amounts. It causes the start date to move later by delays, or it splits a task so that it finishes later when the 9

assigned resources have available time. Also, leveling works only on actual work resources— ®

that is, material resources and generic resources are not leveled. ra

When you level resources, you carry out some or all of these major process steps, which are detailed in the following sections.

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