Learn More About Microsoft Project Fields

You can immediately get comprehensive information about any field in a table. Position your mouse pointer over the column heading; a ToolTip pops up that contains a link to online Help for this field. Click the link, and the Help topic appears.

You can also get lists of field categories and find information about fields by following these steps:

1 Click Help, Microsoft Project Help.

2 In the Project Help pane, click Table Of Contents.

3 Click Reference and then click Fields Reference.

4 Click one of the field types, for example, Duration Fields. A complete list of fields of that type appears in a separate Help pane.

5 Click a field name, and its Help topic appears (see Figure 4-18).

¿^Project Help

Duration (task field)

Data Type Duration Entry Type Calculated or entered Description The Duration field is the total span of active working time For a task, This is generally the amount of working time from the start to the finish of a task.

How Calculated Microsoft Project calculates the duration of a task by counting the amount of active working time between the scheduled start and end of the task, This Is generally the time from task start to finish, not counting time between split tasks or nonworking time. Best Uses Enter the duration for tasks when you create the tasks, The Duration field is one of the major elements for Microsoft Project scheduling calculations. It is the span of time shown by the Gantt bars on the Gantt Chart. Example Chris is scheduled to work on the "Write proposal" task on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Jamie is scheduled to work on the "Write proposal" task on Wednesday and Thursday, Sean is scheduled to work on the "Write proposal" task on the following Monday and Tuesday. The working span of the "Write proposal" task, and therefore its duration, is five days (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Monday, and Tuesday). Remarks The default for new tasks is estimated as 1 day (Id?). The question mark indicates that the duration is an

Figure 4-18. The Fields Reference Help topics each contains comprehensive information about the field.

These online Help topics about the fields contain the following information:

• Entry type (entered, calculated, or both)

• Description (a general overview of the field's function)

• How Calculated (for calculated fields)

• Best Uses (the purpose of the field)

• Example (how this field might be used to facilitate a project plan)

• Remarks (any additional information)

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