Knowing When to Say When

Knowing when to stop the recorder can be as important as the recording environment itself. For an automatic procedure like a macro to be truly trustworthy—and therefore useful—it should have an ending point that is intuitive, or at least easy to remember.

For example, the Bold button on the Formatting toolbar is basically a macro to automate clicking Font on the Format menu and then clicking Bold in the Font Style list. If you have already selected a word, you know that clicking the Bold button formats the word a certain way and then stops. If you haven't selected a word, you know that the Bold button turns

on a certain kind of formatting for anything you type until you click it again to turn that formatting off. Both endings are so easy to remember that they've probably become intuitive for you.

The same should be true for any macro you record. It should be easy for you to remember what conditions must be met before you can run the macro, what the macro will do, and when it will stop. A macro that performs a 20-step procedure for you is no good if you're afraid to run it because you can't remember what it might do along the way.

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