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By default, the Help files for VBA are automatically installed the first time you use them. Follow these steps if you want to install them now:

1 Insert the Microsoft Project 2003 CD-ROM into your computer's CD or DVD drive.

2 Click Start, Control Panel and then double-click Add/Remove Programs.

Note The name of this item might be slightly different for your operating system.

3 Click Microsoft Project in the list of installed programs and then click Change.

4 Click Add Or Remove Features and then click Next.

5 Expand the Office Shared Features item and then expand the Visual Basic for Applications item.

6 In the Visual Basic Help list, click Run From My Computer.

7 Click the Update button.

This installs several Help files, including those for the Microsoft Project object model, concepts and language reference specific to VBA in Microsoft Office and related programs, general Visual Basic concepts and language reference, and Microsoft Forms.

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