Installation Options

You have five ways to install Project: Upgrade Now, Typical Install, Complete Install, Minimal Install, and Custom Install. Any custom component can be added or removed later by placing your Project CD-ROM into your CD drive and running setup.exe. The five installation options do the following:

• Upgrade is available if you have a previous version of Project installed on your computer. Previous versions of Project will be removed unless you select the Complete Install, Minimal Install, Typical Install, or Custom Install option when upgrading to Project 2003.

• Typical Install installs Microsoft Office Project 2003 with the most commonly used components. You can install additional features on first use or add them later using Add/Remove Programs in the Control Panel.

• Complete Install installs all files available to be installed, including components that are not normally used during the day-to-day use of Project by the majority of users.

• Minimal Install installs Project 2003 with just the minimum number of files required to run Project.

• Custom Install enables you to install components of Project that are not normally installed by selecting from the following options: Run From My Computer, Run All From My Computer, Installed On First Use, and Not Available.

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