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Your project file size has ballooned

You might find that the size of your project file has ballooned, which can happen if you select the Save Preview Picture check box.

If you experience trouble with enormous file sizes, look in the Properties dialog box and clear the Save Preview Picture check box.

Sometimes a basic search on the filename doesn't return the file you need or it returns too many files. You can perform an advanced search, which includes a specific property and value for the file. The properties in an advanced search are the ones you can enter in the file's Properties dialog box. Properties include author, comments, company, creation date, manager, subject, and more. For example, you can search for a project file by the name of its author or by its creation date.

To perform an advanced search for a file, follow these steps:

1 In the Search dialog box, click the Advanced tab.

2 In the Property box, click the property of the file for which you want Microsoft Project to search.

3 In the Condition box, click the condition of the property you have selected, corresponding with the value you will select.

Examples of conditions are: Is (Exactly), Includes, Equals, More Than, At Most, and so on.

4 In the Value box, type the value of the property and condition you selected.

5 Click the Add button.

Tip Narrow the search

Add more than one set of criteria, and use the And and Or options to include or exclude an additional set of criteria from the previous set.

6 In the Search In box, select check boxes for the drives, folders, and network drives in which you want to search for the file.

7 In the Results Should Be box, select the check boxes for the types of files you want to search for; for example, Project Files and Web Pages.

8 Click Search.

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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