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Don't accidentally renumber tasks when sorting

If you select the Permanently Renumber Tasks or Permanently Renumber Resources check box for the current sort operation, the check box remains selected for your subsequent sort operation. This is true whether your next sort operation is for resources or tasks. This can be a problem if you want to do a temporary sort—which is likely to be the case most of the time—and you're not in the habit of looking at that check box.

To prevent unwittingly jumbling up your project plan, whenever you do a permanent renumber sort, immediately open the Sort dialog box again, clear the Permanently Renumber check box, and then click Reset.

To return a sorted sheet view to its original order, click Project, Sort, and then click By ID.

Note If you choose to permanently renumber your tasks or resources according to a new sort order, remember that this renumbering will affect the order of tasks and resources in all other task or resource views. This is not the case with temporary sorting operations.

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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