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Where did all these assignments come from?

When reviewing assignments across multiple projects in the Resource Usage view of the resource pool file, there's no way to discern which assignments are from which projects.

If you want to see the projects responsible for each assignment, add the Project field to the sheet portion of the Resource Usage view. Click the Work column heading, for example, and then press the Insert key. In the Field Name box of the Column Definition dialog box, click Project and then click OK. The Project field is listed. The project filename for each assignment is listed (see Figure 14-18).

Figure 14-18. Add the Project field to the Resource Usage view to see the source of resources and their assignments.

When assigning resources to tasks, you can also use the filters in the Assign Resources dialog box to find resources with the right skills and availability (see Figure 14-19).

Assign Resources

Task: Determine project scope - | Resource list options Filter by:

Available to work |oh Add Resources ▼ | Resources from MSwDev.mpp

Available to work |oh Add Resources ▼ | Resources from MSwDev.mpp


1 Alan Shen


Resource Name




Alan Shen

Andrew Dixon

Barry Potter

Brenda Diaz

Brian Groth

Daniel Shimshoni

David Wright

Fukiko Ogisu

Jeff Pike

Ken Myer



Hold down Ctrl and dick to select multiple resources




Hold down Ctrl and dick to select multiple resources

Figure 14-19. Check resource availability while making assignments using the Assign Resources dialog box.

For example, you can find only those resources from the resource pool who are associated with a particular defined group. Or you can list only material resources. You can also specify that you just want to see a list of resources who have at least 16 hours of availability across all the projects to which they're assigned.

For more information about filtering resources and reviewing availability graphs, see "Assigning Work Resources to Tasks" on page 199.

You can see more availability information about a resource by selecting the name in the dialog box and then clicking the Graphs button. Review the Work, Remaining Availability, or Assignment Work graphs.

Updating Resource Pool Information

If you need to change resource-specific information—such as cost information, notes, maximum units, working time calendar, and so on—you need to open the resource pool file with read-write privileges and change the information. After you save these changes, the next time any users of the sharer files open the resource pool or refresh their resource pool information, 3

they'll see the updated information. -2

If you're changing resource assignments, there's more flexibility. You can open the resource o pool file with read-only privileges, access all your resource information, and change assignment information as needed. When you start to save the sharer file, a message appears, asking if you want to update the resource pool with your changes (see Figure 14-20). Click OK. Even though the resource pool is read-only, it's updated with your changes at that moment. Any other users of the resource pool will see the changes the next time they open the resource pool or when they refresh the open resource pool.

Microsoft Office Project

Update resource pool to reflect changes for all the open sharer projects?

When updating the pool file, Project will save the resource pool that is in memory. This copy reflects the changes for all the sharer projects that you have open in memory.

To only save some of the sharer project changes, you will first need to close those sharer files that you don't wish to have reflected in the update to the resource pool file, and then update the resource pool.

To save the resource pool, click OK.

To cancel the resource pool save operation, click Cancel.


Figure 14-20. This message appears when you're working with a read-only resource pool and you make changes that affect resources in the pool.

Another way to update the resource pool after making assignment changes is to click Tools, Resource Sharing, Update Resource Pool.

If you're working with a sharer file and the resource pool that others also use, it's a good idea to periodically refresh the resource pool to make sure that you have the latest changes to resource and assignment information. Click Tools, Resource Sharing, Refresh Resource Pool.

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