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No clue about overallocations in task views

Task views do not indicate when resources are overallocated, which can be a problem because you're assigning tasks in a task view. Even the Assign Resources dialog box doesn't give an indication unless you apply the Available To Work filter.

To see which resources have too much work assigned, switch from a task view to a resource view. Overallocated resources are highlighted in red.

To see at a glance which tasks have overallocated resources assigned, add the Overallo cated column to a task sheet. To do this, click the column heading to the left of where you want to insert the Overallocated column. Click Insert, Column. In the Field Name box, click Overallocated. This is a Yes/No field. Any tasks that have overallocated resources assigned display a Yes. You can sort by the Overallocated field so you can better focus on balancing the assignments for those tasks. Be aware that by default, even resources overallocated by a couple hours in just one week are marked as overallocated.

Another means of seeing how your resources are allocated is to run assignment-related reports, as follows:

Who Does What When report. Click View, Reports. Double-click Assignments and then double-click Who Does What When. This report displays the amount of work for each resource by day and by assignment (see Figure 9-20).


Figure 9-20. Run the Who Does What When report to see assignment details by day.

Overallocated Resources report. Click View, Reports. Double-click Assignments and then double-click Overallocated Resources. This report displays only overallocated resource information (see Figure 9-21). If there are no overallocated resources, no report is generated.

Figure 9-21. Run the Overallocated Resources report to see assignment information about units and work for each overallocated resource.

Resource Usage report. Click View, Reports. Double-click Workload and then double-click Resource Usage. This report displays the amount of work each week by resource and assignment. Totals are included for the resource, assignment, and week (see Figure 9-22).

Figure 9-22. Run the Resource Usage report to see assignment details by week.

Reports are particularly useful for resource management meetings or team status meetings. 01

Remember that you can also print views for hardcopy distribution. S

You can filter a view to examine task allocation, as follows: o

• In a resource sheet like the Resource Usage view, click Project, Filtered For, Overallo-cated Resources.

• In a task sheet like the Gantt Chart, click Project, Filtered For, Using Resource. Enter the name of the resource whose tasks you want to see.

• When you want to see all resources or tasks again, click Project, Filtered, For, All Resources or All Tasks.

Tip Use the Project Guide to review resource allocation

On the Project Guide toolbar, click Report. Click the See How Resources' Time Is Allocated link. The view changes to a combination view, including the Resource Usage view and Gantt Chart. Additional information is provided in the Project Guide side pane.

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