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Tired of clicking More Views?

The View menu and the View bar include the views used most frequently by the majority of Microsoft Project users. However, if you prefer other views such as the Task Details Form or one of your customized views, you might get tired of clicking More Views every time you want to use them.

You can replace the default views with your favorites on the View menu and View bar. Click View, More Views. Click the view you want to add to the View menu and then click Edit. In the View Definition dialog box, select the Show In Menu check box. To remove a view that you don't use from the list, clear its Show In Menu check box.

You can also modify the order in which views appear. By default, task views appear first and in alphabetical order, followed by resource views in alphabetical order. In the More Views dialog box, click the view you want to move and then click Edit. In the Name box, add a number in front of the name to move it to the top of its respective list. If you prefix all the displayed views with a sequential number, they'll appear in numerical order.

You can prefix a view name with text to differentiate customized views from standard ones. For example, if you add the prefix "C-" at the beginning of the name of each customized view, the list will segregate your customized and standard views.


To customize the content of an existing combination view, for example, the Task Entry view or Resource Allocation view, follow these steps:

Click View, More Views.

In the More Views dialog box, click the view's name in the Views list.

To change the existing view, click the Edit button. To create a new view based on the existing view, click the Copy button. The View Definition dialog box appears. In the Name box, type a new name for the view.

In the Top box, click the view that you want to appear in the top pane (see Figure 25-3).

Figure 25-3. Specify which views are displayed in the top and bottom panes of a combination view.

6 In the Bottom box, click the view that you want to appear in the bottom pane.

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