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Is the subproject read-only or isn't it?

If you set your subproject as read-only in your master project, be aware of certain exceptions to read-only subproject enforcement.

If you work in the master project without opening the subproject file, everything behaves as expected: If you change subproject information in the master project, when you try to save the file, Microsoft Project reminds you that the subproject is read-only, and gives you the opportunity to save the subproject as a new file or discard the changes. You can still save changes to other tasks in the master project that are not read-only.

But suppose that you want to open both the master project file and subproject file. The enforcement of the read-only setting depends on which file you open first. If you open the subproject file first and then the master project file, you can make changes to subproject information in the master project, it's reflected in the subproject file, and you can save them.

To be sure that your read-only settings are enforced, therefore, open only your master project, or open the master project first and then the subproject file. In this case, not only can you not save subproject information changed from the master project, you can't save edits made directly in the subproject file.

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