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The voluminous Who Does What When report

Because it is so detailed, the Who Does What When report requires a large amount of paper when printed. Also, generating the data needed to create the report might take some time. Thus, it might be best to use this report less frequently than others or to view it in Print Preview rather than printing it.

You cannot print a date range with this report unless you create a new custom report based on the data this report generates. However, you can easily modify the report to show work amounts by weeks or by months rather than by days. To do this, follow these steps:

1 Click View, Reports.

2 Double-click Assignments.

3 Click Who Does What When and then click Edit.

The Crosstab Report dialog box appears (see Figure 12-28).

Figure 12-28. Edit the Who Does What When report using the Crosstab Report dialog box.

Figure 12-28. Edit the Who Does What When report using the Crosstab Report dialog box.

Next to Column, change Days to Weeks or Months, for example.

You can also change the number next to Column to indicate that data should be shown for every two weeks, for example.

Click OK.

6 Double-click the Who Does What When report, and you'll see that your changes have taken effect (see Figure 12-29).

Figure 12-29. You can change the timescale in the Who Does What When report. The change you made to this report is saved with this project file.

Using the To-Do List

Use the To-Do List to generate a list of tasks to provide to assigned resources (see Figure 1230). This can be especially useful if you're not using Project Server and Project Web Access to exchange assignment information electronically with your resources.

T-.r-: Name_Duration_Start_Firtsh_Predecessors_Resojoe Names

Figure 12-30. The To-Do List is generated for a single resource at a time, showing all task information for that resource's assignments.

The To-Do List is based on the Entry table for tasks with the Using Resource filter applied. It's grouped by week and sorted by task start date. The To-Do List shows the names of all tasks to which the selected resource is assigned, the task durations, and the start and finish dates.

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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