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No way to set an overall default font style

Suppose you have used the Text Styles dialog box to apply certain fonts to row and column titles, another style to milestone tasks, and yet another to critical tasks. However, when you switch from the Gantt Chart to the Task Usage view, you find that the fonts revert to their default style in that view.

Text styles apply only to the current view in the current project. You need to make the same changes in every view in which you want them to appear.

After you have applied your font changes to every view, you can also make these same changes available to all your projects. Copy your modified views to the global template (glo-bal.mpt) using the Organizer.

For information about copying views to the global template for use in other projects, see "Copying 5 Customized Elements" later in this chapter on page 813.

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Project Management Made Easy

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