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Remove the SNET constraints

All tasks imported from the Excel task list template come in to the project plan with a Start No Earlier Than (SNET) constraint. If a date was entered in the workbook's Start field, that becomes the SNET constraint date. If no date was entered, the SNET date is today's date.

Be sure to review those imported start dates. If there are any dates entered besides today's date, the originator might have intended a SNET constraint. Check with the originator. Because the column is included in the template, originators might be led to believe they're supposed to enter a start date, not realizing that Microsoft Project figures it out for them.


To provide for the best scheduling flexibility, you need to change those imposed (and arbitrary) date constraints to the most flexible As Soon As Possible constraint. To change the constraints all at once, do the following:

1 In the Gantt Chart, select the names of all tasks with date constraints.

You can select the Start column if you're changing all tasks in the project to an ASAP constraint.

If you want to change only certain tasks, select their row headings while holding the Ctrl key.

On the Standard toolbar, click Task Information.

In the Multiple Task Information dialog box, click the Advanced tab. In the Constraint Task Type box, click As Soon As Possible.


When asking others to enter task information using the Excel Task List template, ask them to enter any important finish dates in the Deadline column and any important start dates in the Notes column. This way, you can change all the SNET constraints to ASAP without having to examine every imported data to see whether it's a real date constraint.

For more information about setting constraints, see "Scheduling Tasks to Achieve Specific Dates" on page 157.

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