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The Report Project Guide for views, not reports

The Report Project Guide is somewhat misnamed. Only one link takes you to a built-in generated report. The rest of the links display a view displaying a certain type of information often needed in progress reports or status meetings. These links walk you through setting up the view for optimum printing.

However, there's nothing here that tells you the best report to use or how to customize it for your own purposes. It would also be nice if there were a guide, or even a wizard, to walk you through the steps of creating a new report from scratch.

The Report Project Guide does get you to the point of opening the Reports dialog box. On the Project Guide toolbar, click Report. In the Project Guide pane, click Select A View Or Report, click Print A Project Report, and then click Display Reports.

To select and print a report, follow these steps:

1 Click View, Reports.

2 In the Reports dialog box, double-click the category you want.

3 In the dialog box that appears, double-click the report you want.

4 If a dialog box prompts you for more information, such as a date range, enter it and then click OK.

The report appears in a Print Preview window (see Figure 12-7). Click any portion of the report to zoom in on it. Click a second time to zoom back out again. Click Page Setup to change the page orientation, scaling, margins, header, or footer.

Figure 12-7. A picture of the report shows how it will look when printed.

5 When ready to print the report, click Print on the Print Preview toolbar.

6 In the Print dialog box that appears, select the page range and number of copies you .2 want to print and then click OK. g

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