This situation creates a scheduling conflict. According to the task dependency, you can't hang wallpaper until the walls are textured, which won't finish until June 29. But according to the constraint, the wallpaper must be hung by June 25.

By default, where there's a conflict like this between a task dependency and a constraint, the constraint takes precedence. In this case, there would be 4 days of negative slack, which essentially means that the predecessor task is running 4 days into the time allotted to the successor task. You might see a Planning Wizard message regarding this, especially if you're still in the planning processes and are setting up tasks with such a conflict before actual work is even reported.

To resolve this conflict, you can change the constraint to a more flexible one, such as Finish No Earlier Than. You can change the Must Finish On date to a later date that will work. You can also change the scheduling precedence option. If you want task dependencies to take precedence over constraints, click Tools, Options. In the Options dialog box, click the Schedule tab, and then clear the Tasks Will Always Honor Their Constraint Dates check box.

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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