^ | -^h^ If you're using Project Professional 2003, you might have added certain resources to your project as proposed resources. It would be nice, therefore, to have a filter to find only confirmed resources or to find just proposed resources when setting up assignments. But such resources are not built in, and you need to create them yourself.

For more information about adding proposed resources, see "Proposing Tentative Resources" on page 178. For more information about creating custom filters, see "Customizing Filters" on page 799.

You can filter your resources to see only those who actually have enough time available for more work. For example, suppose that you assigned all your resources to tasks. Then you add several more tasks and you want to assign only resources who have time for them. To filter for resources with a certain amount of available time, do the following:

1 With the Gantt Chart or other task sheet open, click Assign Resources on the Standard toolbar.

2 In the Assign Resources dialog box, select the Available To Work check box.

If you don't see the Available To Work check box, click the + Resource List Options button. The dialog box expands to include the Available To Work check box. In the Available To Work box, enter the amount of time needed for the task you're about to assign. For example, if you need a resource with 4 days of available time, enter 4d in the box.

As soon as you enter the amount of time, the list in the Resources table changes to show only those resources who have the specified availability.

3 Assign resources to tasks as usual.

4 When you want to see the full list of resources again, simply clear the Available To Work check box.

Tip Filter resources and availability at the same time

You can find resources in the category you want who have the right amount of available time for your assignments. Under Resource List Options in the Assign Resources dialog box, select both check boxes under Filter By. First, select the resource filter you want to use in the first box and then enter the amount of time in the Available To Work box.

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