Assign Resources a task, multiple resources to a task, or multiple resources to multiple tasks. To assign a work resource to a task, follow these steps:

1 In the Gantt Chart or other task sheet, click the task to which you want to assign resources.

2 On the Standard toolbar, click Assign Resources.

The Assign Resources dialog box appears (see Figure 7-1).

Assign Resources ra .c o

Task: Pour concrete driveway and sidewalks [W] Resource list options Resources from 07Home.mpp

Appliance contractor


Resource Name




Concrete contractor



Brian Clark

Brian Goldstein

Chris Gray

Drywall contractor

Electric company

Electric contractor

Fencing contractor



Hold down Ctrl and dick to select multiple resources




Hold down Ctrl and dick to select multiple resources

Assign Resources

Figure 7-1. Use the Assign Resources dialog box to specify which resources are to be assigned to which tasks, and for how much of their available time.

3 In the dialog box, click the name of the work resource you want to assign to the task and then click the Assign button.

The resource name moves to the top of the Resources list in the table, and a default percentage appears in the Units field for the resource. For individual resources, the default assignment units are the same as the resource's maximum units. For consolidated resources with more than 100 percent maximum units, the default assignment units are 100 percent.

4 Review the Units field to make sure that it's appropriate for this assignment.

5 If you want to assign a second resource, click that resource name and then click the Assign button. Modify the Units field as necessary. If you change the Units field, you need to press Enter or click another field.

This procedure ends the edit mode for the field, sets your change, and makes the Assign button available.

Tip Assign multiple resources in one operation

You can select all resources to be assigned to a task and assign them at once. Click the first resource, hold down Ctrl, and then click all other resources. Click the Assign button.

6 Repeat Step 5 for all resources you want to assign to the selected task.

To assign resources to a different task, click the next task for which you want to make assignments.

You don't have to close the Assign Resources dialog box to select a different task. Repeat Steps 3-6 to assign resources to all tasks as necessary. When finished assigning resources to tasks, click the Close button.

Tip Keep the Assign Resources dialog box open as long as you like

Unlike other dialog boxes, you can switch back and forth between the task sheet and the Assign Resources dialog box. It's handy to keep it open while you're working out all the details you need to finish making your assignments.

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