Dozens of additional resource fields are available for you to add to your Resource Sheet. To add a new field to your current table:

1 Click the column heading to the right of where you want the new column to be inserted.

2 Click Insert, Column or simply press the Insert key. The Column Definition dialog box appears.

3 In the Field Name box, click the field you want to add.

The fields listed are all resource fields. You can quickly move to a field by typing the first one or two letters of its name.

To hide a field you don't need, follow these steps:

1 Click the column heading you want to hide.

2 Click Edit, Hide Column or simply press the Delete key.

The column is hidden, but the information is not deleted. It's still in the database and can be shown again whenever you display its column.

Tip Hide a column by making it very narrow

You might frequently hide and insert certain columns; for example, when you print a view for presenting at a status meeting. If you're getting tired of constantly deleting and then inserting these columns, you can just make them very narrow. Position your mouse pointer on the right edge of the heading for the column you want to hide. When the pointer becomes a black crosshair, drag to the left to narrow the column until the contents cannot be seen.

If you drag past the left column edge, the column will be completely hidden, although it is actually still there.

When you're ready to display the narrow column again, drag the edge of the column heading to the right until you can read the contents of the column.

There's no indication that a column you hid completely is there—you just have to remember.

Adding Initials of Assigned Resources to the Gantt


By default, the full resource name appears next to the Gantt bars in the Gantt Chart, dis

playing the resources assigned to this task. To help make your Gantt Chart look a little less

cluttered or to enable you to fit more task details in a small space, set a resource's initials

as text next to a Gantt bar instead of the full name.

For more information about resource assignments, see Chapter 7.


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