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Figure 5-17. The deadline does not affect scheduling but simply provides a guideline for important dates.

Tip Use the Project Guide to set deadlines

On the Project Guide toolbar, click the Tasks button. In the Project Guide pane, click the Set Deadlines And Constrain Tasks link. Read the information under Set A Deadline and use the controls provided to set deadlines.

You can show deadlines in your task sheet as well, by adding the Deadline field as a column. Follow these steps:

1 Right-click the column heading to the right of where you want your new Deadline column to be inserted, and then click Insert Column.

Or you can click the column heading and then click Insert, Column. The Column Definition dialog box appears.

2 In the Field Name box, click Deadline. You can type the first one or two letters to go straight to it in the list.

The Deadline field shows any deadline dates that are already set and shows "NA" for tasks without deadlines. You can enter deadlines directly in this field. If the schedule for a task moves beyond its deadline date, either because of normal scheduling calculations or because of actual progress information entered, an alert appears in the Indicators field, specifying that the task is scheduled to finish later than its deadline (see Figure 5-18).

O Task Name

Apr 25, '04

May 2, '04

20 21

Cure basement walls for 7 days ^ St tin hasement wall fnrms






^ This task finishes on Mon 5/3/04 which Is later than Its Deadline on Wed 4/28/04




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5 Figure 5-18. If a deadline will be missed, the deadline indicator provides the details.

You can set deadlines for summary tasks as well as individual tasks. If the summary task's deadline conflicts with the finish dates of any of the subtasks, the deadline indicator specifies a missed deadline among the subtasks. You can also set deadlines for milestone tasks as well as for normal tasks.

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