You can simply right-click in the form, and then click the categories you want to see. 3 In the submenu, click the information you want to see in the form's tables.

You can see more detailed information about resources assigned to the selected task by applying the Resource Form or Resource Name Form as the lower pane under a task sheet.

To apply the Resource Form or Resource Name Form:

1 Click in the lower pane to make the form the active pane.

2 Click View, More Views.

3 In the submenu, click Resource Form or Resource Name Form.

4 Click Apply.

In the Resource Form, you can review detailed information about the resources assigned to the task selected in the task sheet in the upper pane (see Figure 7-16). This data includes availability and cost information.

Figure 7-16. Use the Resource Form to review detailed information about assigned resources.

By default, schedule information is shown in the table area. To change the category of table information, right-click the form and then click one of the other categories; for example, Cost or Work. Click the Previous or Next button to move to the resources assigned to the current task.

The Resource Name Form is a condensed version of the form, showing just the Resource Name with the table of information.

Note To return to a single-pane view, double-click the split bar dividing the two panes. Or click Window, Remove Split.

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