Importing Information into Microsoft Project

You can bring information into Microsoft Project from another application and another file format by importing it. Importing converts another application's file format into the Microsoft Project file format. You start an import process by simply using the File, Open command.

To import data to Microsoft Project, follow these steps:

1 In Microsoft Project, click File, Open.

2 In the Files of Type list of the Open dialog box, click the file format of the file you are importing; for example, Microsoft Access Databases (*.mdb), or Text (tab delimited) (*.txt).

3 Browse to the drive and folder that contain the file you want to import.

4 Click the filename of the file you are importing and then click the Open button.

5 Read the Import Wizard welcome page and then click Next.

6 On the Map page, select the New Map option. Click Next.

7 On the Import Mode page, select how you want to import the data (see Figure 16-21). Click Next.

How do you want to import this file?

C* As a new project

C Append the data to the active project C Merge the data Into the active project


Figure 16-21. Select how you want the imported data to be brought into Microsoft Project.

8 On the Map Options page, under Select The Types Of Data You Want To Import, click the Tasks, Resources, or Assignments check box as appropriate. Click Next.

You see separate Mapping pages for each data type you select on this page.

9 On the Mapping page, complete the fields to specify the information to be imported. In the To: Microsoft Office Project Field column of the table, specify how fields from the source application are to map to specific Microsoft Project fields (see Figure 16-22). Any unmapped data appears in red and will not be imported. Click Next.

Import Wizard - Resource Mapping

Map Resources Data Source database table name:

Verify or edit Project's assumptions for how you want to map the data,

XM| Textl


From: Database Field

To: Microsoft Office Project Field

Data Type





(not mapped)









¡Mil ▼


Insert Row Delete Row

Insert Row Delete Row










! Robbins

1 Puyallup Public Sch



! Maiuri

1 Puyallup Public Sch


! Hadley

1 Puyallup Public Sch


Figure 16-22. Specify how fields from the source application are to be mapped to Microsoft Project fields.

10 On the End of Map Definition page, click Finish.

The imported data appears in your project plan as you specified. This process might take a few minutes, depending on the source of the information and the speed of your computer. However, after the information is imported, it's set in your project plan. Save the project and the information is there for you to work with instantly, as if you had originally created it in Microsoft Project.

For information about importing information from Excel to Microsoft Project, see "Importing and Exporting with Excel" on page 521.

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