Importing from Excel without a Template

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If team members or other project stakeholders created an Excel workbook containing project information before they knew of the existence of the templates, you can still import Excel worksheets.

To do this, follow these steps:

1 On the Standard toolbar in Microsoft Project, click Open.

2 Go to the location on your computer or network where the Excel workbook is saved.

3 In the Files Of Type list, click Microsoft Excel Workbooks (*.xls). The workbook appears in the list of folders and files.

4 Click the workbook file and then click Open. The Import Wizard appears.

5 Read the Welcome page and then click Next. ®

6 On the Map page, select New Map and then click Next.

7 On the Import Mode page, specify whether you want to import the file as a new project, append the resources to the currently active project, or merge the data into the active project. Click Next.

8 On the Map Options page, select the types of data you want to import. You can select multiple types if you need to. If your workbook file includes column headings, select the Import Includes Headers check box. Click Next.

9 On the Mapping page, under Source Worksheet Name, select the sheet that contains the data you're importing, even if it's just Sheetl.

The fields from the Excel sheet appear in the From: Excel Field column. If there is an obvious match to a Microsoft Project field, it appears in the To: Microsoft Office Project Field column. If Microsoft Project could not figure out a match, the field indicates (not mapped).

10 For any fields that are not mapped, click in the box and select the Microsoft Project field in which you want to store the corresponding imported field. Scroll down through the entire table and make sure that all the Excel fields you want to import are mapped to a Microsoft Project field.

The Preview area shows a sample of how your table data is mapped (see Figure 17-21).

Map the incoming Excel fields Select the Excel worksheet. to Microsoft Project fields.

Import Wizard - Task Mapping t

Map Ta Source

<s Data vorksheet name:


Verify or edit Project's assumptions for how you want to map th



Verify or edit Project's assumptions for how you want to map th

From: Excel Field_

To: Microsoft Office Project Field

Data Type


j Name



j Deadline



! Duration


Assignment ]

j (not mapped) ▼ 1



Insert Row Delete Row









Form 2nd floor ind

Thu 7/1/04

15 days


Install rebar and ir

Thu 5/13/04

15 days

Pour 2nd floor slat

Wed 7/7/04

14 days


Preview your table data.

Figure 17-21. Use the Mapping page to specify the Microsoft Project fields that are to contain each category of incoming Excel data.

11 When finished mapping, click Next.

If you selected multiple types of data to import on the Map Options page (for example, Tasks and Resources), another Mapping page will appear. You can potentially work through a Task Mapping, Resource Mapping, and Assignment Mapping page.

12 On the End Of Map Definition page, specify whether you want to save the map for future use. Then click Finish.

The project opens with all the data imported from the workbook in the fields you specified.

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