Identify Resource Skill Sets

If the Group field is not robust enough to identify your resource skill sets, create and assign resource outline codes. Not only can you use outline codes to identify resource skill sets, you can also reflect the levels of your organization's human resource structure. This can be useful when you want to apply a code-based hierarchical or outline structure to your resources that reflects resource properties or attributes in your organization.

After your outline codes are set up and assigned to resources, you can sort, group, or filter by outline codes to see the resources displayed in that structure. These techniques can help you find resources that are appropriate for specific kinds of tasks. You can also search for resources that have a certain outline code (or group) using the Assign Resources dialog box.

If you're using Project Professional with the enterprise features through Project Server, you can identify multiple skills for enterprise resources.

Note For more information about outline codes, see "Working with Outline Codes" on page 806. For more information about finding resources with skills for specific assignments using the Assign Resources dialog box, see "Finding the Right Resources for the Job" on page 205. For more information about identifying multiple skills for enterprise resources, see "Creating the Enterprise Resource Pool" on page 599.

Cost-related fields are an important part of the Resource Sheet. The Resource Information dialog box also includes a Cost tab.

For more information about resource cost information for both work and material resources, see "Planning Resource Costs" on page 232.

Other tables containing different collections of resource fields are available. To apply a different table to the Resource Sheet:

1 Display the Resource Sheet.

2 Click View, Table. Click the table you want.

If the table you want is not listed, click More Tables. Click the table in the list (see Figure 6-14) and then click Apply.

Figure 6-14. Apply any table that fits what you're trying to do.

Figure 6-14. Apply any table that fits what you're trying to do.

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