Hyperlinking to Resource Information

If there's a document or Web site relevant to a resource, you can create a hyperlink to reference it. This is a very efficient method of opening associated documents quickly. To insert a hyperlink, follow these steps:

1 Display the Resource Sheet or other resource view.

2 Click the resource to which you want to link an outside document or Web page.

Insert Hyperlink

On the Standard toolbar, click Insert Hyperlink.

In the Text To Display box, type a descriptive name for the document to which you are linking; for example, Quarterly Goals.

Find and select the document or site you want to link to your project file (see Figure 6-19).

Text to display: |..\5ample Files

Existing File o Web Page

ß Place in This Document

Create New Document

E-mail Address

Text to display: |..\5ample Files

Existing File o Web Page

ß Place in This Document

Create New Document

Look in:

P^ Sample Files

jd M



QSBuild.mpp 06Res.mpp



Business Startup Plan, mpp



fromfinish.mpp milestone, mpp

Recent Files

Startup project scope.doc


, ,\Sample Files


Figure 6-19. The path and name of the selected document appear in the Address box.

6 Click OK.

The Hyperlink indicator appears in the Indicators field of the Resource Sheet (see Figure 6-20).


Resource Name



Judy Lew



Benjamin Martin



Barry Potter



Ashvini Sharma



■JTL Jump to 'AY5 resume.doc'


Jonas Hasselberg


Figure 6-20. Position your mouse pointer over the Hyperlink indicator to read the link. Click the indicator to jump to the link's location.

Whenever you need to review the target of the hyperlink, just click the Hyperlink indicator. The contents open in their own application window.

You can use the Project Guide to help you add notes or hyperlinks to resources. On the Project Guide toolbar, click Resources. In the Project Guide pane, click the Link To Or Attach More Resource Information link. Read the succeeding panes and make choices as directed.

Insert Hyperlink o


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